Urgent Care Center & Clinic in Rochester NY

  • Don't wait for Hours in ER Room
  • Family Care Environment
  • No Appointments, Just Walk-In
  • Fast, Friendly & Affordable; No Facility Fees
  • High Quality & Convenient Patient Care
  • Most Insurances Accepted

Our Mission

To provide fast, friendly, and affordable health care services for people. Our concept stems from our founders' realization of four marketplace trends:

  • People are usually working during the day and have to take time off from work to visit their physicians.
  • Most Doctor’s office close by 4:00 pm.
  • Emergency departments are crowded.
  • People are complaining about long wait at Emergency rooms & Doctor’s offices.

Extended Medical Services prides itself with its ability to offer the following characteristics and benefits to its patients:

Team Approach: With your support and trust in EMS, our staff which is headed by Suneel M. Koul, M.D. who will work with excellent Medical team to extend their impact on the health of their community. If we determine that a patient needs to go to an emergency room, we will coordinate the care with the triage team of the emergency room.

Our Services

Primary, Comprehensive and Urgent Care We cater to you for the much needed Urgent Care, After-hours, Walk-In Clinic, Primary Care, Medical Practice, Complementary Medicine, Massage and Lasers.

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As Ayurvedic Medicine we are providing the East Indian Traditional form of Medicine Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy Facial Massage
Chakra Balancing, Hot Stone Therapy, Reiki and Therapeutic Massage.

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